Garden Work Day, April 6, 2019

Many thank to the Friends of Broad Ripple Park volunteers who contributed a labor of love on behalf of the park and its visitors this past Saturday. This is a beginning of a project to introduce many more native plant species into the sidewalk gardens and support all of our native pollinators. Volunteers transplanted many of the daffodils to gardens next to the old family center and at the park’s Broad Ripple Avenue entrance. More to come on this project as the Friends work to make this special park even better!

The day became even more special as McKay and her wedding party stopped by (on the way to a wedding in the park!) but had no flowers. We were happy to supply ample bouquets!

Many thanks to volunteers Mary Durkin and Susie Walsh for initiating and planning this project as well as those who bent their backs to make it happen: Don Arbogast, Morgan Bennett, Neal Bennett, Carol Buetens, Steve Challaird, Joanne Durbin, Terri Gill, Emily Leiserson, Kathy Rosenberg, Casey Seaton, Dana Seaton, and Brad Warnecke.

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