Recycling area cleanup

It was chilly and sunny the morning of January 5, 2019 as seven volunteers worked from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. to clean up the Broad Ripple Park recycling area. Many thanks to Joanne Durbin who initiated the event. Thanks also go to Carl Scott, who saw the post on Next Door Neighborhood, and Barbara Ralston, who happened by on a walk and asked how she could help. (We had plenty of brooms, rakes, shovels and trash bags!) Friends of Broad Ripple Park volunteers included Mary Crowley, Kathy Rosenberg, Morgan Bennett (who made seven or eight trips to the front parking lot, hauling the 30 Christmas trees dumped in the recycling area), and Tom McCain.

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4 Responses to Recycling area cleanup

  1. Carol Buetens says:

    love the stand for the garbage bags. sorry to not be there, good work people!!

  2. Casey Seaton says:


  3. Julie Lucas says:

    Love volunteers!! Our Cub Scout pack comes every year and cleans up around the recycling area and in the woods where trash has blown. #volunteers #keeptheparkclean

  4. admin says:

    Wonderful! Is that something you might want to do again in the spring? We would love to know about it. Maybe we can help make that happen! Let me know —

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