Split rail fence project

Donate to make Broad Ripple Park even better!

An Eagle Scout candidate from local BSA Troop 133 will be leading a much-needed project in Broad Ripple Park this coming Saturday, October 23. He and other volunteers will remove the old split rail fence at the Evanston Street park entrance and near the tennis courts, and replace it will all new fencing.

You may have seen the split rail fence near the playground, which was installed by another Eagle Scout candidate a couple of years ago. This new project will be a similar refreshing of a familiar feature.

Donations to this $2,500 endeavor can be made through our Friends donation page any time in the next few weeks, and donations will be matched up to $1,000. Simply choose  “Split rail fence” in the “My donation is for” field.

Please consider doing your part today! All proceeds will go to support this project.

Donate to the Friends

split rail fence

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popsicles & tree climbing

Today, the Friends of Broad Ripple Park helped support the Indiana Tree Climbing Competition! This event in the park brought professional climbers and arborists together to compete in various events, and they also offered a Kids Climb for youngsters. Kids could choose to be hoisted into a tree, walk an obstacle course, or ride a zip line, or all of the above.

Kids ate it up and they happily ate up the ice cold pink lemonade popsicles supplied by the Friends of Broad Ripple Park and Nicey Treats in Broad Ripple Village. Cold, yummy, and so welcome, and all the competition climbers and volunteers got popsicles, too! Win, win, win! Enjoy the photo gallery.

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Broad Ripple RiverWalk update

You can help make the Broad Ripple RiverWalk happen! Years in the planning, the RiverWalk will connect our favorite park with the Monon Trail and Broad Ripple Village with a wide, multi-use path separated from automobile traffic. This project will happen during 2022.

Thanks to many private donations, the Broad Ripple Village Association has raised $485,000 dollars and needs just $65,000 more to build a trail. Donate any amount today to help push this much-needed amenity to reality. Read more!


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Pollinator gardens 2021

Thanks to the work of Master Gardener Mary Durkin and her volunteers, our pollinator gardens are enjoying another healthy year of supporting nature at work! Buzzing pollinators move from flower to flower and butterfly caterpillars are munching away. This is a project paid for and sustained by Friends of Broad Ripple Park. Enjoy the photo album!

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New Family Center construction has begun

Construction has begun on the new Broad Ripple Park Family Center & we are excited! It is a wonderful amenity for the park and will serve generations of park visitors for years to come. If you have never taken a class in the Broad Ripple Park Family Center, you will have ample opportunity when the new Center is completed.

The new Family Center will offer nearly twice the programming space — built as a programming space, with expanded opportunities for classes. Among the new possibilities are classes in healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and wellness, plus facilities for year-round exercise. Bonus: The ample windows will offer expansive views of both the park and White River!

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Garlic mustard 2021

For the seventh year in a row, the Friends of Broad Ripple Park removed invasive garlic mustard from the 10 Acre Woods. With some spot supervision by Wiley the dog, 15 humans spent 72.5 hours filling 101 trash bags during multiple work sessions. Those 15 humans included nine members of the Broad Ripple Kiwanis Club. Nice work, all!

Below, you can enjoy a short video and a photo album.

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Pollinator gardens 2020

The pollinator gardens along the sidewalks near the pool are looking great! A wide variety of native plants are healthy and growing, and the buzzing pollinators prove it. Not only that, but monarch butterfly caterpillars are munching away on the common milkweed as they prepare to go into their chrysalis stage to be followed by their butterfly stage. Nature at work. This is a project paid for and sustained by Friends of Broad Ripple Park volunteers led by Master Gardener Mary Durkin. Enjoy the photo album!

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