About the Friends

The purpose of the Friends is to promote, protect, and nurture Broad Ripple Park as an historic, natural, and recreational resource on behalf of the community at large. Membership in the FBRP is open to all community members who have an interest in the welfare of Broad Ripple Park, by proximity of residence, employment, or education in the Broad Ripple area, or by philanthropic interest.

Joining the Friends of Broad Ripple Park does not provide entry into the dog park, the swimming pool or any other facility or program for which the parks charges fees. Please contact the park office at (317) 327-7161.

Public in-person meetings of the Friends Board of Directors have been suspended because of Covid-19 and the resulting safety measures. Meetings are for the purpose of conducting board business and are not intended to be public forums.

Join the Friends of Broad Ripple Park. To contact the Friends, send email to friends@broadripplepark.org.

Board of Directors:
Morgan Bennett
Josh John
Emily Leiserson
Chelsea Marburger (vice president)
Tom McCain (president)
Kevin Montgomery (secretary)
Rachel Russell
Deborah Stoll
Alyson Walbridge
Brad Warnecke (treasurer)
Meisha Wide
Barbara Wilder