10 Acre Woods

2024 wildflowers in the 10 Acre Woods

Broad Ripple Farmers Market volunteers remove invasive garlic mustard.

Broad Ripple Kiwanis volunteers remove invasive garlic mustard.

The 10 Acre Woods in Broad Ripple Park is a quiet rejuvenating place for a walk (dog optional) or a jog along the trails. Each spring, the woods comes alive with blooming spring ephemeral plants and the Friends of Broad Ripple Park conduct annual garlic mustard pulls that have made a difference. City of Indianapolis Land Stewardship professionals also work to manage invasive honeysuckle and winter creeper, and the result is a high-quality woodlot. Truly a treat to enjoy. In the video below, Land Stewardship Ecologist Jacob Brinkman tells us more.

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